Hello there !

I am Pranjal

I am a Ph.D. student working in Accessibility and Tangible Interaction through Deformable User Interface at EI-Lab, IIT Guwahati, India.


I graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and completed my Master of Technology with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence. I am an experienced researcher with a history of working in the education industry and skilled in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Interaction Design. My primary research interest is in the design of inclusive interaction techniques for emerging technologies through user-centered approaches.


Geometric Drawing on Tactile Board

Human–computer Interaction Accessibility Nonvisual Drawing

Co-authored with    K. Sorathia

Direct Observation of Tactile Geometric Drawing by Visually Impaired and Blind Students, IndiaHCI 2019.

Bend Gestures for One-handed Landscape Mode

Human–computer Interaction Flexible device Gesture-based input

Co-authored with    K. Sorathia

Natural and Intuitive Deformation Gestures for One-handed Landscape Mode Interaction, TEI 2019.

Word Sense Disambiguation for Assamese Language

Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Natural language processing

Co-authored with    G. Talukdar    A. Baruah

Approaches for Word Sense Disambiguation - A survey, IJRTE 2014.

Assamese Word Sense Disambiguation Using Supervised Learning, IEEE IC3I 2014.

WSD for Assamese Language, Springer RDMLDA 2019.

TMOVE: Tactile Handheld Feedback Actuator

Human–computer Interaction Tactile feedback Actuator for VE

Co-authored with    A. Panigrahi    K. Sorathia

TMOVE: Multimodal Feedback Actuator for Non-visual Exploration of Virtual Lines, TEI 2020.

Road Sign Detection and Recognition

Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Pattern Matching

Co-authored with    P. Saxena    N. Gupta    S. Y. Laskar

A Study on Automatic Detection and Recognition Techniques for Road Signs, IJCER 2015.

Contact Details

Mr. Pranjal Protim Borah

EI-Lab, IIT Guwahati, Assam, India, PIN-781039


Leisure pursuits

○ Embossed & Acrylic Painting ○ Sculpting

Photography ○ Cooking