Hello there !

I am Pranjal

I am a Ph.D. student working in Accessibility and Tangible Interaction through Deformable User Interface at EI-Lab, IIT Guwahati, India.


I graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and completed my Master of Technology specializing in Artificial Intelligence. I am an experienced academic researcher working in Human-computer Interaction, Accessibility, and Machine Learning. My primary research interest is in the design of inclusive interaction techniques for emerging technologies through user-centered design approaches.


Accessible Bend Gestures for Users with Blindness or Low Vision

Human–computer Interaction   Accessibility   Bend Gesture

Co-authored with   K. Sorathia   S. Sarcar

User-defined Bend Gesture Completion Strategies for Discrete and Continuous Inputs, INTERACT 2021.

Word Sense Disambiguation for Assamese Language

Artificial Intelligence   Machine Learning   Natural language processing

Co-authored with   G. Talukdar    A. Baruah

Approaches for Word Sense Disambiguation - A survey, IJRTE 2014.

Assamese Word Sense Disambiguation Using Supervised Learning, IEEE IC3I 2014.

WSD for Assamese Language, Springer RDMLDA 2019.

Feedback Actuator for Non-visual Exploration of Virtual Lines

Human–computer Interaction   Tactile feedback   Actuator for VE

Co-authored with   A. Panigrahi    K. Sorathia

TMOVE: Multimodal Feedback Actuator for Non-visual Exploration of Virtual Lines, TEI 2020.

Road Sign Detection and Recognition

Artificial Intelligence   Machine Learning   Pattern Matching

Co-authored with   P. Saxena    N. Gupta    S. Y. Laskar

A Study on Automatic Detection and Recognition Techniques for Road Signs, IJCER 2015.

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Mr. Pranjal Protim Borah

EI-Lab, IIT Guwahati, Assam, India, PIN-781039


Leisure pursuits

○ Embossed & Acrylic Painting ○ Sculpting

Photography ○ Cooking