I hold a B.Tech degree in Computer Science and Engineering and an M.Tech degree specializing in Artificial Intelligence. My PhD thesis titled “Design and Evaluation of Naamya” focuses on designing accessible gesture-based interactions for flexible smartphones to draw primitive geometric shapes by users with blindness or low vision. With over seven years of experience as an academic researcher, I have actively contributed to various research areas, including Interaction Techniques, Tangible and Haptic User Interfaces, Multi-sensory UX Design, Aging and Accessibility, Rehabilitation, Inclusive Design, Interactive Computing, and Machine Learning (ML). Beyond research, I find happiness in painting, sculpting, photography, and gardening.


Named Entity Recognition (NER) for Assamese Language

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence,   Machine Learning,   Natural language processing


A Survey of NER in Assamese and Other Indian Languages, 2014. Request Full-text

Supervised NER in Assamese Language, 2014. Request Full-text

Assamese NER System Using Naive Bayes Classifier, 2018. Request Full-text

Feedback Actuator for Non-visual Exploration of Virtual Lines

Keywords: Human–computer Interaction,   Haptics,   Extended Reality


TMOVE: Multimodal Feedback Actuator for Non-visual Exploration of Virtual Lines, 2020. Request Full-text

Road Sign Detection and Recognition

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence,   Machine Learning,   Pattern Matching


A Study on Automatic Detection and Recognition Techniques for Road Signs, 2015. Full-text

Contact Details

Dr. Pranjal Protim Borah

School of Design, IIT Jodhpur, India, PIN-342037


Leisure pursuits

○ Embossed & Acrylic Painting ○ Sculpting

Photography ○ Gardening